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Gut Kaden Golf and Land Club 

A passion for golf – be very welcome. Beginners and Pros alike will enjoy the experience of playing a venue that has been home to many international tournaments.

Gut Kaden is well known for its history of Top-Golf Tournaments. Many first-class players have teed off several times - including world's most famous player Tiger Woods.

The former knight's manor now is home of the Golf and Country Club. With its lovingly restored and professionally preserved buildings it is considered one of the most beautiful manors in the north-german county of Holstein.

The grounds expand over some 180 ha (approx. 450 acres). Beautiful old stock of trees and and the meandering river Pinnau create impressive scenic backdrops.

All 27 holes are played on the same lovingly manicured greens throughout the year. The European PGA is providing advice to our Head-Greenkeeper, expertise and attention to detail is visible everywhere on the premises.

Our Team is very much looking forward to your visit. We are constantly striving to make your experience a truly pleasant one.

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